The NeuroCast program "Winter 2021" is now available. From 2021 on we will also be offering events in English.
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Current Casts

The Covid-19 crisis taught us: efficient communication without physical contact. Use of modern means of communication as a tool for “physical distancing”.

Video conferences have established themselves exceptionally quickly and are now an indispensable part of professional life.
We now want to use this valuable technology for patient information. First-hand information, presented interactively, online, via a platform that is also used by large congresses.

Live stream to your computer or mobile device.
Our project is currently still under construction. We have, therefore, initially focused on two relevant subject areas: neurological diseases and pain. We call the events NeuroCasts respectively PainCasts.
Current topics are regularly presented, discussed and also discussed interactively with the participants. Similar to traditional events, but online, while maintaining the “physical distancing”.

Although it is certainly more exciting and informative to take part in such an event live, we have the opportunity to watch the cast (again) at a later date. And this is how we differ significantly from the classic event mode.

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